Vince Homes (Pty) Ltd provides specialised telecommunications and reticulation installation services, as well as related civil construction and instrumentation services to primarily the mining industry.

  • Installation of Fibre Optic Cables (Surface and Underground)
  • Installation of cabinets for IT purposes
  • Installation of robust outlet sockets applicable to industrial environments
  • Installation of patch panels that fully comply with Category 6 requirements
  • Testing on both Fibre Optic Cabling and UTP Cabling, using approved Category 6 Cabling Testers
  • Installation of telecommunication reticulation
  • Installation of telephone and network systems above and below ground
  • Installation of security and surveillance systems
  • All telecommunications related civil construction
  • Instrumentation services

Vince Homes operational strategy is based on having the required technical skills and competencies in-house to ensure that we can deliver on-time and provide continued support and maintenance on a 24-hour call-out basis.

We have dedicated Maintenance and Call-out Teams to ensure that all our installations are continuously maintained and serviced on a regular basis. After installation is complete, Vince Homes conducts a full site visit to ensure our client is fully satisfied with the work completed.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance scheduled is then implemented and managed.
All telecommunication poles are tagged & recorded with GPS coordinates, enabling us to quickly find the exact location of any faults.

We also keep accurate record of all warranties to ensure they are maintained and updated before expiration.

We are committed to providing our customer with defect-free products and services that meet their intended purpose and stated performance criteria; which conform to the requirements of our customers; and are delivered on time.

Management commits itself to achieving this goal by maintaining and continuously improving our Quality Management System, thus ensuring that our Quality Policy is distributed, understood and applied at all levels within the organisation.

Our Quality Policy is directed towards achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide our customers with a high level of confidence that all our products will be according to the agreed-upon specifications and conforms to international standards;
  • To contribute to the profit objectives of the company by eliminating wastage, defects and other losses, including intangible items, such as loss of confidence.
  • To improve technical, communication and management skills in addition to quality awareness throughout Vince Homes.
  • To encourage and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement throughout Vince Homes.
  • To maintain a self-correcting quality system in which regular quality audits and policy reviews are undertaken to ensure relevance and correct application.